TETON Sports Mammoth +20F Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag, Blue


  • THIS BAG IS HUGE: We’re not exaggerating.
  • COMFORT AND WARMTH: Soft lining, zipper and shoulder draft tubes keep the warm air in; it unzips on each side and the bottom for easy access; and it has innovative fiber fill for warmth.
  • WE’RE NOT KIDDING, IT’S MASSIVE: We’ll say it again, because we’ve had a few people not believe us: This bag is gigantic. This double sleeping bag is longer and wider than a queen-size mattress at 94x62 inches (239x157 cm).
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We think our product support team is the best in the industry, so if you have questions or concerns, you can count on us to take care of you.


Details: Gigantic. Enormous. Jumbo. Also hugely comfy, snuggle-worthy, and soft-to-the-touch. That’s how to describe the Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag by TETON Sports. This bag has been thoughtfully designed so you get your best night’s sleep in nature. Oh, and in case you forgot, it’s really, really big. In fact, it’s so colossal that we’ve included a special how-to video on our website to show users how to get the bag back in the sack.


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