Dare to adventure

Our Story

Subwild was founded on the idea of adventure and exploration. We

started as two friends who loved to go on road trips to different

national parks. We mainly traveled throughout the western coast of

the United States, visiting places such as Yosemite, and Grand Teton

National Park. At the end of each trip, we would buy a tee shirt to

remember the experiences we had and the people we met. At some

point along the way, we decided to start drawing up sketches of all

the places we went. Over the years, we drew up over 45 sketches

of different landmarks. Those sketches later became designs, and

those designs can be found directly in our stores.

One of the main aspects of exploration is meeting new people. While

the natural features may be exciting to look at or take pictures

of, the people you meet while you're there determine your

perspective on the experience. We thoroughly believe this, and

we love to see what other people are exploring. Whenever you

are adventuring or exploring and snap a cool picture, use the

hashtag #subwild on Instagram and we will feature your picture

on our page.

Happy Exploring :)

- Subwild Team