COPOZZ Raze Pro - Ski Goggles

The COPOZZ Raze Pro is among the most notable and trusted ski goggles in the industry. While the team's design is almost flawless, they continued on their success from 2018 and developed the new 2019 model of the Raze Pro. The new model features Spherical Lens Technology (SLT), which almost completely prevents the formation of fog or scratches.


spherical Wide-View Lens - Double lens made of solid PC material for impact-resistance and anti-fogging.

Extra Long Strap - Adjustable strap with comfortable wearing experience and helmet compatibility suitable for different winter sports. ex. skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. 

High Performance - High quality TPU frame with best impact-resistance and three-layer foam for comfortable wearing. The COPOZZ Raze Pro is compatible with most helmets. 

Full Mirror Tech (FMT) - Comprehensive REVO coating on outer lens with edge-to-edge mirror reflection. 

Over the Glasses Technology (OTG) - The COPOZZ Raze Pro goggles feature an OTG design that lets you wear your glasses under the goggles.